Choosing the right coffee machine

Feb 26, 2021 | Coffee Machines

There is an array of coffee equipment to choose in the market today and a lot of coffee machines are chosen based on personal preference; be it colour, shape or brand badge of the machine.  Considerations such as staffing, rotas, throughput and performance are also really important.

For me, one of the most important questions that you need a good answer for is: “Who will I be dealing with on an ongoing basis when I need to get my machine serviced and repaired?” Does the service agent or company have access to all the spare parts and if so, have they bought them, or are they winging it?  This point is now more important than ever as a result of Brexit, importing anything into Ireland is now a lot more costly and difficult that it was in 2020.  Once you are happy that you’ve a partner that you can trust then you can move on to other practical matters.

Do you buy or rent your coffee machine? This will depend on your own time horizon and personal circumstance.  Renting has the benefit of flexibility in uncertain times with the option to upgrade to a newer or larger machine over a shorter time frame than would be the case if you leased or purchased a machine straight out.

Purchasing or leasing a machine has the benefit that it works out cheaper over an 8 – 10 year period but it is really important to keep on top of your servicing as your coffee machines gets older.  Coffee machines work in a challenging environment, operating with water / steam pressure, heating elements, different water hardness levels, different coffee types, different staff members (with different habits), so it’s important to keep on top of maintenance.

At Watermark, we have a range of world class coffee machine makes and models for rent or purchase.  This includes a range of ex rental or used coffee machines that are serviced and sold with warranty to give you piece of mind but at a budget that will allow your business plan to come to fruition.  Whether your plans are big or small, whether you want to dip your toe in the water or you have 20 years’ experience, or if you want the latest state of the art coffee equipment, drop us a line; we love to talk coffee!