The Gaggia Concetto self service coffee machine delivers great coffee consistently well.

Ideal as a workplace coffee solution; the Gaggia Concetto is available in a self-service model or as a café / restaurant model that has additional drink options and a steam wand.

Available for purchase, rent or lease.

For more details about rental or lease pricing, contact us directly at 01 4666304 or email us at 

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The Gaggia Concetto self service coffee machine has 2 internal boilers that allow for simultaneous dispensing of coffee and steam and will make over 10 coffees in a row without the requirements to reheat or pause.

Often described as a workhorse, the Gaggia Concetto exceeds expectations in terms of quality at a competitive price

Width410 mm
Depth545 mm
Height720 mm
Weight56.7 Kg
Voltage220-230-240 V/ 50-60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power 3300 W
Steam boiler capacity1.7 Lt
Coffee boiler capacity400 cc
Coffee brewer capacity14 gr
Beans hopper capacity2.1 Kg
Suggested output20 – 200 cups per day
Stainless steel hot water wand
Grinder equipped with 64 mm ceramic blades
Automatic milk foaming
Height-adjustable coffee spout
Adjustable grinder
Electronic pre-brewing
Programming of both the servings and the amount of ground beans, milk and water used
Possibility to dispense additional mixing water in coffee beverages
Possibility to use pre-ground coffee
Pre-warming cup surface
Automatic servings counter
3.5'' colour display
Backlit display
8 programmable direct selections and 5 preselections (with pre-ground coffee)