Touchless Office Coffee with Coffee APPeal

Oct 11, 2021 | Coffee Machines, News

Coffee APPeal is a new user friendly, free app, which allows you to select and customise your coffee selection directly from your smartphone without touching the coffee machine.

  • Simply download the App from the Apple App store or on Google Play for Android devices.
  • Scan the QR code with Coffee APPeal on the Gaggia La Radios coffee machine
  • Your phone connects via bluetooth with the coffee machine with no personal information being transferred
  • Select and then customise your coffee on the App
  • Place your cup under the pouring spout
  • Enjoy!

Coffee APPeal has been developed by Gaggia Milano to ensure

  • A safe and hygienic drinks selection without the need to touch the coffee machine
  • No personal data or extra information is required
  • It’s user friendly and intuitive to use
  • Drinks are easily customised
  • It works without mobile data
  • Free to download and free to use!

Like to find out more? Please drop us a line or call us on 01 4666304.