Moving to Solar Power Generation

Mar 28, 2022 | Sustainability

Last July we installed solar panels on the roof of our office and warehouse in Citywest.  With only 8 months of data so far (and most of this during the Autumn and Winter) we have generated almost 11 megawatts of electricity to power our operations. This equates to almost 5 tonnes of CO2 being avoided if we were using electricity from the grid and represents over 50% of our electricity needs for the period.  We expect this to increase further as the Summer time approaches.

This is a small amount of C02 prevention in the global scheme of things but it’s a significant one for the individual or a small business like ours.  We are very happy with it and pleased to have made the investment necessary.

We are continually looking at ways to make our business operations less damaging to our environment. Our Woodland Coffee initiative gives our customers the opportunity to make small decisions that have a real and lasting impact on climate change, would you like to make a difference with us?

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