Woodland Coffee

Woodland Coffee – Ireland’s first truly sustainable coffee

Dublin, Ireland September 28, 2020 – Watermark Coffee Technology is today pleased to announce the launch of Woodland Coffee – Ireland’s first truly sustainable coffee brand.

Woodland Coffee is a direct action initiative. Our customers told us they wanted a product that was truly sustainable and 12 months ago we began to develop the concept, our research indicates much of what’s on offer in the market currently is produced with either questionable sustainability credentials or involves ‘transactional’ sustainability such as buying carbon credits on a financial exchange.

When you buy Woodland Coffee – WE will plant trees – it’s that simple! – and we are going to plant 27,000 trees in Limerick in the next year!! WE means WE. WE own the land, WE commission the development and WE look after the trees.

Our coffee is planted, grown and harvested to the highest ethical and sustainability standards. We work closely with our partners to ensure fair terms for all parties connected with our product and unlike a lot of other coffee bags, ours are fully recyclable.

By the way the coffee tastes great too.

A coffee without compromise!


Woodland Coffee is promoted by Watermark Coffee Technology; an Irish Company supplying coffee, coffee equipment and coffee machine repair across Ireland. Watermark has bought a 30 acre green field plot of agricultural land in County Limerick to plant woodland.

Buying Woodland Coffee enables customers to choose a truly sustainable coffee experience that has positive environmental benefits in Ireland; more coffee means more trees. Commenting today, Watermark’s Managing Director, David Lawlor, said: “Woodland Coffee represents the courage and ambition needed by business to meet the challenges of global warming; positive change will only come about by people taking positive action and in our case, that involves planting trees.”

For further information, please contact Kristine Byrne, Marketing Manager, Woodland Coffee at: info@woodlandcoffee.ie Ph 01 466 6000

Interesting Tree Facts

  • A large oak tree can drink 500 litres of water a day; a good defence against flooding (1)
  • A conifer tree will absorb 1 tonne of carbon dioxide over a 40 year period which is equivalent to the carbon emissions of driving from Dublin to Hong Kong (2)
  • Farm runoff contains up to 88 percent less nitrate and 76 percent less phosphorus after flowing through a forest; helps keep our rivers and stream pure (3)
  • Groups of trees serve as a windbreak; less wind makes it easier for bees to pollinate flowers and crops enhancing biodiversity and food supply (4)
  • A single tree in pasture land can raise the number of bird species from near 0 to 80 (5)
  • The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now! Chinese proverb

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