Introducing the Saeco Magic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Dec 7, 2022 | Coffee Machines

We are thrilled to add the Saeco Magic to our range of automatic bean to cup machines. The Saeco Magic illustrates how advanced small tabletop coffee machines have become with perfect espresso and silky milk foam, the Saeco Magic delivers over and above expectations.

The highlights of this machine for me are:

  • The coffee quality is superb, the espresso has a rich golden colour and the milk is texturised to a beautiful microfoam consistency, this is helped along by a larger the average brewing chamber of 15g. Americano is made properly using hot water and espresso which gives the americano a lighter vibrant flavour.
  • Automated cleaning cycles that are easy to follow and require minimal involvement from the user.  The menu has options to carry out a full clean or just a rinse setting which is really handy.
  • The touch screen makes using the machine easy to navigate and customisable.
  • The Magic is really versatile; its small and compact so it will fit ideally in any office canteen.  It has a water reservoir and a wastewater holder so there is no need for a freshwater mains connection or a waste pipe.
  • It has an A enegy rating with energy saving mode.

There is a very nice video (which is perhaps a bit long) that gives insight into the look, style and features of this wonderful little machine.

The machine is available to purchase from as little as €60 plus vat per month.  If you would like to find out more, please let us know by calling us on 01 4666304 or dropping us a line on