How to Store Coffee Beans

How to Store Coffee Beans

This week’s conversation is all based around how to store coffee beans. If you store coffee beans correctly, you will maximise the longevity of coffee’s flavour which is what we all want! Follow these simple tips and tricks and you should never have an issue!

The fundamentals of storing your coffee beans are ordinarily straight forward. The following are the basic principles to adhere to:

Coffee is naturally porous and it has the ability to absorb traits from the environment surrounding it. That would include traits such as moisture and smells, all of which has an effect on the coffee taste and quality.

Coffee Storage

Firstly, once you open a bag of coffee beans store the coffee in an airtight container. Ideally the container should be placed in a cupboard. The cupboard should be one that is far from any external walls or heat sources such as radiator, boiler, cooker and oven.

Alternatively if you wish to keep the coffee beans in their original packaging then make sure that the top of the coffee bag is rolled down as far as possible and sealed shut with a sealing clip, elastic band or adhesive tape.

The main aim when it comes to storing coffee beans is to keep as much air out of the bag as possible. Also you want to avoid storing the beans in direct sunlight.

If you follow these few simple steps it ensures that the coffee’s taste and aroma remains intact right up to the point of consumption, ensuring you to make more flavoursome coffees all round!

Where to Store Coffee Beans

We often get asked is it ok to store coffee in the freezer? We would say that the general rule of thumb here is no. However, if you have bought too much or were gifted a lot of coffee over the Christmas then exceptions can be made.

If you are planning on freezing your coffee beans then you should follow these simple steps:

  • Separate the coffee into portions – This will allow you to only take out the quantity of coffee that you require. The thawing process will see the beans lose some of their traits, so it is crucial to only subject them to this process once.
  • Bag the beans – Freezers are renowned for their moisture so if you could double or triple bag the beans this will help protect your coffee from being damaged.

All that’s left for you to do is avoid the fridge and learn to store coffee beans in the correct way to ensure a better tasting coffee every time!

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