La Cimbali M34 Selectron Turbosteam

Milk4 tall Cup Version DT2

The M34 is an automatic espresso coffee machine equipped with a micro-processor for an easy programming of coffee and hot water dosage. It is specifically designed to fit tall cups or glasses (max cup height 14 cm).

Hot water economizer. The boiler is equipped with the patented Smart Boiler system and it is insulated with a special material that reduces heat loss for a daily energy savings of 24%.


The M34 is equipped with 1 standard steam wand, 1 Turbosteam Milk4 and
1 hot water wand.

There is also a USB port to update the machine’s software, download data and / or configuration of the recipes via USB.

Green machine

Energy Saving software functions; LED technology for low power consumption; made of recyclable materials.

Cimbali M34 Selectron Turbosteam Milk4 tall Cup Version DT2
Machine Features

  • Selections’ Hi-Tech panel based on a full capacitive technology
  • Steam wands: 1 + 1 Turbosteam Milk4 wand – Turbosteam Version
  • Steam wands: 2 stainless steel
  • Push button programming easy and ergonomic
  • Hot water wands: 1
  • Hot water selections: 2
  • Smart boiler technology
  • Boiler coated with a special insulating material
  • Boiler capacity (litres): 10
  • PGS (Perfect Grinding System)
  • Graphic display
  • Electrical cup warmer (3 temperature settings)
La Cimbali M34 DT2 Model

  • Width (mm): 770
  • Depth (mm): 510
  • Height (mm): 510
  • Weight (kg): 70kg
  • Power Supply 220-240V3~ 50/60Hz
  • Power at 4.2-4.9kW

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Cimbali M34 Selectron
Cimbali M34 Selectron

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