La Cimbali M100 HD

The M100 is equipped with a system which allows you to personalise the extraction water pressure profile according to the coffee blend and the desired beverage.

Thermal system based on a 10 litre boiler with two heat exchangers in series. The M100 has independent coffee boilers. Each group temperature can be set independently and controlled directly by the display.

The boiler is equipped with the patented Smart Boiler system and it is insulated with a special material that reduces heat loss.

The M100 comes with 1 standard steam wand and the patented Turbosteam Milk4 for milk frothing and heating without manual intervention (for 4 different milk recipes). It possesses 1 hot water wand and 3 different doses and temperatures set.

New Advanced Electronics

The M100 has a USB port to update the machine’s software, download data and / or configuration of the recipes via USB.

This new software allows the machine to be customised for 1 single ON/OFF selection, or 5 or 7 selections (dosed version). It is also possible to activate the “Flush” selection for a possible rinsing of the group to be performed before making a new delivery. (When the machine is programmed for the seven selections, the “Flush” function is not available).

Green Machine

The M100 has last generation eco-technological solutions thought to conjugate energy saving and environmental respect.

La Cimbali M100 HD Features

  • Touch Screen (to select beverages)
  • Steam wands: 1+TS4
  • Turbosteam Milk4
  • Hot water wands: 1
  • Hot water selections: 3
  • Smart boiler technology
  • Boiler coated with a special insulating material:
  • Boiler capacity (litres): 10
  • GT system
  • Independent coffee boilers: 2
  • Independent coffee boiler capacity (cc): 400
  • Independent coffee boilers’ resistor (W): 800
  • Driving Pressure System (HD)
  • USB port
  • Electrical cup warmer (3 temperature settings)
  • Green machine
La Cimbali M39 TE Tall Cup with M4 Steam Wand DT3Technical Data

  • Width (mm): 1055
  • Depth (mm): 570
  • Height (mm): 597
  • Weight (kg): 104
  • Power at 220-240V~ 50/60Hz (W):  6300-7500
  • Power at 220-240V3~ 50/60Hz (W): 6300-7500
  • Power at 380-415V3N~ 50Hz (W): 6300-7500

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Cimbali M100

La Cimbali M100

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