Gaggia Concetto Evo

One Touch Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

The Concetto Evo is a fully automatic coffee machine: from coffee grinding to delivering water or steam, it’s all done at the touch of a button. It has a stylish aesthetic that allows to blend easily into the most elegant of environments. The 3.5′ HD colour display is accompanied by a wide, easy-to-clean capacitive flat keyboard, with backlit colour beverage options.

This coffee machine is suitable for locations serving an average of 200 cups a day.

The fully automatic, bean-to-cup Concetto Evo coffee machine is very easy to use and makes superb coffee, cappuccino and latte. You can make perfectly-formed layered latte macchiato, intense espresso and proper Americano coffee, with perfectly formed crema.

The Concetto Evo can be set up in self-service mode. A steam wand is a standard feature on the machine but this can be removed if so desired. Continuous steam production is a feature with simultaneous dispensing of coffee, hot water and steam thanks to 3 separate water circuits

Daily maintenance on the Concetto Evo is straightforward

The Gaggia Concetto Evo is €195 plus vat per month. The rental contract is for 2 years and includes servicing every 9 months

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Gaggia Concetto Evo Features

Removable brewing unit | The removable brewing unit allows for great ease of use, and straightforward cleaning and maintenance
Built-in coffee grinder | Grinder equipped with 64 mm ceramic blades. Adjustable grinder with programming of the amount of ground beans used
Turbo steamer Turbo steamer | Continuous steam production
HD Display | 3.5′ HD colour display and Wide, easy-to-clean capacitive flat keyboard, with backlit colour beverages
Adjustable-height coffee dispensing head | choose your cup size
Coffee doser | Ability to use ground coffee as well as coffee beans
Pre-infusion Pre-infusion | Allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee; adjustable through the control panel
active-cup-warmer Active Cup Warmer | Boosts the temperature of the cups with a cup warming electrical element
Automatic milk foaming | Automatic cappuccinatore
Milk cooler | holds two litres of milk
hot-water-opti-dose Hot Water Opti Dose | Programme your coffee machine to different amounts of hot water
Power management Drink Selections | Number of programmable direct selections is 12

Gaggia Concetto Evo Specifications

  • Size (H x W x D): 72 cm x 41 cm x 55 cm
  • Weight:57 kg
  • Colours:Black & Red
  • Boiler size:1.7 L (water boiler), 400cc (coffee boiler)
  • Coffees-per-day rate: 200
  • Stainless steel steaming arms: 1
  • Mains water connection: Required
  • Installed power:3300 w
  • Electronic Pre Brewing: Yes
  • Cup warming boost unit:Yes
  • Automatic servings counter: Yes
  • Simultaneous preparation of two cups: Yes
  • Simultaneous dispensing of beverages, hot water and steam: Yes
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout: Yes

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200+cups a day

Gaggia Concetto Evo

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