Happy Easter

Easter has Landed

Easter has landed at Watermark HQ and we’re delighted! Some of our favourite Easter drink options for you to try are as follows:  We’ve got the Hot Cross Bun Latte, Flamed Orange Hot Chocolate and the Nutty Latte.

Hot Cross Bun Latte 

Our award winning Celeste coffee blend and milk are enhanced with a dash of SHOTT flamed orange and cinnamon to create this incredible beverage.


Flamed Orange Hot Chocolate

We’ve teamed our single origin organic Tanzanian hot chocolate with a dash of SHOTT flamed orange syrup and the results are delightful. Enjoy it topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

Nutty Latte 

Our award winning Orion coffee blend and steamed milk are enhanced with a dash of SHOTT macadamia to create this nutty delight.

We’ve used our SHOTT syrup range to create all of these exciting and delicious drinks. All SHOTT products are natural and full of real flavour; making Mother Nature proud!

All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the Easter delights!

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