DE-SCALING Your Gaggia Machine
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DE-SCALING Your Gaggia Machine


All espresso machines must be “DESCALED” regularly. Filtered water or bottled water is free from odour of chemicals but not free from minerals. Using a water softener is the best option for mineral free water. If a water softener is not installed, then the best option is to descale the machine at least every 2-months. The de-scaling product we recommend can be found on in our web shop.

** Do not rely on the machine to remind you when descaling is due. When available, this feature is programmed by the number of espresso’s served. The machine cannot sense the variable hardness of water from one place to another. Follow a definite schedule for descaling every two months. “DO NOT” use Vinegar or Lemon juice for descaling

** Automatic programmed descaling does not do a complete job. It flushes descaling solution only through the hot water/steam pipe. It does not flush the espresso hydraulic system ( Boiler outlet ).

Make a few espressos using the descaling solution to clean the espresso hydraulic water system. [for automatic machine]

** Prime the machine after several days of non-use. Priming is simply flushing 2 to 3 oz. of water through the steam/hot water wand. This will ensure that :-

  • a- the pump is working
  • b- the water is filling the boiler without any back pressure or blockage and
  • c- there is enough water inside the boiler, before the heating element gets hot

** Before leaving the machine in storage for extended periods, it should be descaled. This will prevent extensive sediment of mineral build-up when water dries out in the boiler and hoses.

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